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IT Handyman
Digital ProducerWebsite Development, Audio/Video Editing and Communication Skills;
Artistic and Creative Talent, understanding of Digital Publishing, Social Media & Email Marketing, Website Verification & SEO
| IT Technician


Website development is ever changing and is more geared toward visitor interaction and "Call To Action".

You may have heard the term "funneling"?
This is a "target" marketing process where you guide the prospect toward a product or purchase by creating a step by step (or page by page) learning guide that ends with a

call to action

My goal is to take a look at your website then modify | convert | upgrade | verify & secure it to provide greater interaction with your present and future clients while providing a ROI (return on investment) using the following techniques:

  • Site Verification.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Responsive Design configuration
  • Target Marketing Techniques:
    (audio & video | email campaigns | Social Media | Google Maps etc.)

    and "Funnel" page Campaigns

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