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...Just being good at what I do and using that to help others that require a learning curve, and for those that just don't have the time to "get it" but need it desperately

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responsive design

Website Development | Graphic Design | Multimedia Management

We are not just designers, we deveop your site to attract your prospect, we are W3C compiant so there's no negative feeedback from the search engine crawlers that inspect your site for SEO cheating techniques or outdated code and we engineer your sites responsiveness so that it can be viewed on some of the many different platforms like smartphones, tablets, presentation screens, portable computers etc...




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...and many, many more, feel free to   Contact Me to request additional references.


domain and hosting

domain name registration | hosting administration | account maintenance

Dealing with the domain name registrar and the hosting companies can be irritating and leave you frustrated. Allow us to take the hassle away from you.

We provide account administration, maintenance, consulting & advisory services.

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monetize your online presence!

jYouTube-Doug Llewlyn
setup you video or vlog presence
jYouTube-Jim Masters
or convert any radioshow or audiofile into a video segment.

Traffic Monetization | Return on Investment (ROI)

We strategically create and monitor your website statistics, email marketing and social media campaigns using our 18 step process to find your genre and get your products and services in the market place.

We can create a specialized "Spotlight" video segment for your product or service or, convert your audio file to our video platform then upload it to your favorite online video Website ie:
Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vine, Break, MetaCafe, etc...

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Social Media Marketing
Social Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Administration | Search Engine Marketing Strategies | Target Email Marketing | Leed generation and partnering programs‎

We have a proven 7 step process that gets results.

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We are happy to assist you with our Digital Marketing Campaign or if you just have a question and need answers!

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